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  Welcome to our website Car Rental in Santorini

world_car_rentalWelcome to our website , the official website of World Car Rental, online reservations, for car rental, scooter, motorcycle, ATV and buggy in the most famous island of Greece, the beautiful island  of Santorini. Through our website you can search for available vehicles, prices, offers, reservations and secure payment of your reservation by credit card.

Since the spring of 2005 when the World Car Rental started in car rental in Santorini, saw the need to create a website which allows visitors to make online reservations for all types of vehicles such as cars, scooters, ATV and Buggy at affordable prices, makes it possible to collect them and return them to wherever they want, airport, port, hotel, avoiding trouble and lost time that it is precious during their holidays.

After serious study and effort to achieve our goal, today we are pleased to present you our website   which is giving solution to visitors, to rent a car, baggy, scooter, ATV in Santorini.

litessl_tl_transWhole transactions that you make via your credit card will be protected by SSL (Security Socket Layer) Consequently throughout the control transactions between you and the bank your card and your personal informations will be transcripted by our system and will never be seen to the third parties.