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  Terms & Conditions

world_car_rentalIn order to hire a Car, Scooter, ATV, Buggy should know the following:

Your age should not be below 21 years and over 75 years, your driving license must be valid and issued at least one year before the desired date of rental vehicle.

For drivers ages 21-25 years identified by the company as high risk, there is extra charge of 10% of the total hire.

For citizens of  Greece and general of European Union, they must be holders of driving license in force, which is has be issued by the official authorities of their country.

For citizens of other countries , they must be holders of International driving license in force, which is has be issued by the official authorities of their country.

To hire a vehicle from our company, you must be in possession of a valid credit card which is entered in a lease contract with an irrevocable mandate to the company in case of accident , to receive the amount of discharge from  the insurance coverage.
Customers who are not credit card holders, have to  pay the amount in cash  up to amount of the discharge of the insurance coverage.

The rented vehicle is delivered to the customer in perfect condition.
The client must check the condition of the vehicle upon receipt and he must sign the leasing contract.
Any objections on the condition of the vehicle must declare them upon receipt of the vehicle.

Booking Fee

For car reservations through our website for all regions of Greece except Santorini there is a booking fee of EUR 8 per day, if the detention is longer than 21 days may be a specific agreement.

Minimum rental

One day. After the 25th rental hour, an additional day will be charged.

Extention of rental

If the driver wants to keep the vehicle longer than the contracted period, he will have to contact the World Car Rental location from which he picked up the car in order to extend his Rental Agreement.

Car Cabin

In case the driver returns the vehicle and it's cabin has stains which require a special cleaning procedure (ie animal hair, sand etc on car seats or car floor or port baggage), he will have to pay the amount of 80,00€ .

Regarding the fuel of the vehicle:

The customer is required to surrender the vehicle ,with the fuel index in the exact place where he received, otherwise it will pay 5 euros plus the cost of fuel he have consumed.

All cars of World Car Rental use unleaded gasoline.

It is strictly forbidden for the renter to fill the tank of the car with another type of gasoline.

Traffic fines:

Excess of the speed limit , illegal parking, driving while intoxicated, and generally any kind of traffic violations during the rental period shall be borne entirely the customer who is required to declare in its delivery vehicle.

Remove vehicle registration plate :

The customer is obliged to report "directly to the company for their receipt by the competent police authority which took it out, otherwise will have to pay rent for each day retention of the vehicle plates.

In case of accident, the customer is obliged to inform the company directly. 'If the vehicle can not move by itself, client have to inform the company for the  receipt and transport of  the vehicle from the accident site to a safe place.
The company will seek to replace the vehicle if there is another vehicle available.


All World Car Rental vehicles are insured:

a) against liability to third parties (excluding driver and passengers) for death and injury up to 500.000,00€

b) material damages to third parties (excluding the World Car Rental vehicle) up to 500.000,00€

If the World Car Rental vehicle is damaged or stolen by driver's culpability or negligence, the driver will be presided for, up to the total car's commercial value at the time of accident or theft. 

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)

 The driver can limit his responsibility for his legal share in any damage of the vehicle:

a) to 600,00€ by paying the sume of  8,00€ per day for car groups A,B,C.

b) to 1.000,00€ by paying the sum of 12,00€  per day for car groups D,E,F,G.
 provided that traffic laws where not contravened. 

Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.)

The driver may waive the above deductible amount reliability of 600,00€  or 1.000,00€ by paying in addition the daily amount of 14,00€ for car groups A,B,C. or 21,00€ for car groups D,E,F,G.

 Note: None of the above insurances cover damages caused by violation of the Greek traffic law, as well as damages to tires, mirrors, windscreens, car parts underneath the vehicle and in the cabin. 

 Incident Administration Fee

In case of an accident due to the renter's liability, renter has the obligation to pay a non refundable fee of 30,00€ in order to cover administration expenses.

 Theft Protection (Τ.P.)

 If the driver accepts (and sign) the relative contract terms, he disposes of the responsibility for the theft
 of the car by paying the additional daily charge of 6 euros for all groups of cars
 Note: Theft Protection (T.P.) is not valid in case of driver's negligence


-In  case of driving the car across the Greek border (without approval of the World Car Rental)
-For any damage done to the car during the transfer by boat.
-In case of accident the driver is under the influence of Alcohol or drugs
-For damages to the car, caused by violation of the Greek traffic law
-For damage caused by off road driving
-For damages caused at the bottom part of the car, tires,  mirrors and antenna.
-For personally objects which are inside the car
-For accidents caused by driver who is not stated at the lease contract

Insurance coverage through credit card

If the tenant has full insurance coverage through his credit card, any damage to or theft of the car required to pay on whole  the cost of repair or replacement of the car to the World Car Rental and then will assert himself from his credit card

The prices of vehicles displayed on the website of   ,include simple insurance coverage.
In case the user (customer) wish an additional insurance coverage, must choose one or more insurance coverages showing at our website at the time of booking.

A written approval of the World Car Rental for the following:

α) Transposition of the rented car by ship
It is forbitten without an advanced written authorization from World Car Rental. In case of ferrying the car between Greek islands the renter has to return the car to the pick-up station, otherwise all transportation costs will be charged to the renter.

β) Driving of the rented car beyond the Greek borders
An advanced written authorization from World Car Rental is required. The cost for issuing the Green card and International
Road Assistance will be paid by the driver.


Charged with 3 euro per day, with maximum charge of 14 days and required to meet the terms and conditions required as the first tenant driver.


Charged with 3 euro per day, with maximum charge of 14 days.
Should refer at the time of booking.


All the above charges are subject to VAT


In case of accident, the tenant driver , obliged to supplement a friendly statement of accident under article 70 K of the Greek law. The Courts of Cyclades prefecture are responsible for resolving any problems or doubts of service that might occur

Terms of operation and use of the website

Santorini World Car Rental,the exclusive licensee of World Car Rental in Greece – was founded and is operating according to the Greek Law, located in Santorini ,is the administrator of the website
This website has been created in order to offer services on long-term and short-term car rentals.
Every user can receive information concerning these services as well as the prices and their terms. (Rates are valid only for reservations through this website)


Pages, screens as well as any kind of information and matters presented in this website – including their layout – are copyright and ownership of Santorini World Car Rental.
Any copy, alteration, change, publication, broadcast, distribution, sale, or file matter convection or unstrained code is prohibited without written permission from Santorini World Car Rental.
Thus, all contents can be printed for user’s personal, non-commercial use.
Greek laws hold and construe the use of this website, which is regulated through Greek Courts (Naxos)

Accurate and full information – Responsibility Restrictions

Santorini World Car Rental makes every effort to provide accurate and updated information through the website.
Thus, Santorini World Car Rental does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or complement of information and material and strictly disclaims any responsibility concerning errors or omissions of the information and data provided.
Santorini World Car Rental  has no responsibility for error or omission or inaccuracy in information and/or command transition from the website’s visitor/user, interruptions, false impersonation, rule breaks, wrong notification or message transmission or non-operation of the system due to force majeure for any other reason that does not occur in violation of the above mentioned terms arising from Santorini World Car Rental or their employees.
Santorini World Car Rental  has no responsibility for any damage that might occur in the user’s hardware or software as a result of this website’s use or its connection with other internet websites or internet sources.
Santorini World Car Rental  has the right to modify information or matters contained in this website, without any further notice.

Personal Facts Security

For efficient fulfillment of some services, it is necessary for the visitors/ users to give all necessary data which are characterized as “personal nature data”.
The administration and preservation of user’s personal nature data is held by this as well as all relevant dispositions of Greek Justice (N 2472/1997, N 2779/99, P.D 79/2000 and par. 8 N 2819/2000), of Personal Information Protection law and of European Justice (95/46/EK and 97/66/EK).
Under no circumstances, Santorini World Car Rental  does reveal, sell, exchange, assign, hire or carry in any way to other juristic or natural persons confidential information (if Police and Law requires that, an exception is applicable).
Note: Submission of personal data regarding users under 18 Years old, is not allowed.

Conditions regulation of Personal Data use

Santorini World Car Rental  is allowed to archive over mentioned data for the time the user is an active member.
All users have the right to change or delete their personal data and can claim their objection to any kind of data process related to them through website communication. Santorini World Car Rental  will make all efforts to delete this information from its files.
Santorini World Car Rental  is not obliged to follow and control all data entered by users and is not responsible for anything related to that.

Hyperlinks to other pages

This webpage contains hyperlinks to other websites, operated by other administrators that are not under Santorini World Car Rental  control.
These websites have their own confidential terms, for this reason the user has to check them before using it. Santorini World Car Rental  is in no way responsible for those website’s methods and rules of confidence as well as their contents, so the user can use them only on his own responsibility.


By each internet use, cookies i.e. small sized programs can be saved on user’s local disk.
These programs do not allow Santorini World Car Rental  to view user’s personal PC data and are not use for personal data’s collection.
Most internet browsers give the option to delete those files before they can be saved on local PC’s disk.


By filling the relevant reservation form through the website and after this procedure fulfillment, the user gives Santorini World Car Rental the strict command to offer car rental services. This reservation command bounds the user in any case.

Reservation Confirmation

In case of reservation through the website, the user will receive from Santorini World Car Rental  a written confirmation per e-mail within 72 hours. The user has to check that all confirmation data is correct. In case a time-expired false and deflection is stated, no back-out will be accepted.

Payment Methods

Through Credit Card
The user can pay through his credit card.
The Credit Card will be charged after all data is checked and qualified as valid.
The user is the only responsible for the correct record of the credit card’s data.

Through Bank Transfer

The user can deposit the money in one of Santorini World Car Rental  Bank accounts that are announced to him after his request.

The user can pay the whole rental amount in cash.
Note: In case the user decides to pay cash or per bank transfer, a personal credit card is required for guarantee (e.g. fuel cost, car damage etc)


In case of a cancellation of a reservation made through internet, during the period of 21 days before the rental starting date Santorini World Car Rental has the right to charge a fee of 50,00€ plus VAT per reservation.
In case of a cancellation of a reservation made through internet, during the period of 7 days before the rental starting date Santorini World Car Rental has the right to charge a 50% of the total amount of the reservation, per reservation.

Cancellations have to be sent in writing to: Santorini World Car Rental , P.O. BOX 935 or Fax: 2286027053 or email:   .


Santorini World Car Rental reserve the right to charge the user the full amount rental of the car group reserved, if he/she fails to collect the vehicle on the rental start time and no written information was sent to the branch.

Reservation Rejection

Santorini World Car Rental retains the right to reject a user’s commands, in case the latter breaks the website’s terms of operation.

General Arrangements

Using this website means total acceptance of all above mentioned terms.
The renter acknowledges and accepts in full that all services through this website may be affected or interrupted temporarily due to web problems

Deal Security

Santorini World Car Rental has undertaken the process of your transactions ensuring you absolute security.
While loading the elements of your credit card, Santorini World Car Rental has the authorization to charge it with the rental cost.
This charge will be achieved after Santorini World Car Rental 's approval and the total amount will constitute a payment against the value of the car rental that is mentioning in the reservation.
In case of a cancellation with Santorini World Car Rental's responsibility, the amount of the total rental will be refunded to the same credit card. In case of a cancellation by the user, a cancellation fee - as mentioned above - will apply.
Your cards details pass to a safety page of the   uses as certificate of safety the technology of SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) 128bit. The SSL is a global standard of internet and offers SSL encrypted communication 128bit.
For the recognition of an encrypted transaction SSL you will observe in the browser a small yello padlock and afterwards you will be transferred to a https:// page.Via SSL encryption your computer sends the request to the   server.
The server sends back to your computer the security certificate along with the confirmation of your visit in the right page and your public key.
Afterwards, your computer uses the public key to encrypt confidential information (i.e. the card number) and dispatches them to the server that uses the private key in order to decrypt them.