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  Frequently Asked Questions

group_b_i_20What should I know to rent a car from your company;

You should read carefully the rules of our company on the rental vehicles and to accept

What should I check on receipt of the vehicle;

You should check carefully whether there are old hits on the vehicle, the index of fuel, type of insurance you purchase and general rental rules  in indicating the lease you sign.

What should I watch during the rental of a vehicle;

You should know that during the rental of a vehicle you are fully responsible for what happens to the vehicle, even if you purchase all insurance coverage, you are responsible for any omissions, report the vehicle at risk of theft, fire, accident due to incorrect or dangerous driving, breach of traffic regulations, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs etc.

What should I check upon delivery of the vehicle;

You should be carefully review the vehicle for any dents, the index of the fuel to be at the same point where was upon receipt of the vehicle , To inform the company for any calls from any violations during the rental, finally don't forget to sign the lease, that the vehicle was handed on the same situation that you received ,also you have  to request the signature of an official who receives the vehicle ,affirming the position of the vehicle during the receipt.