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  Private Tours in Greece

athens_transfers_fleet_vito_mercedesThe World Car Rental in cooperation with the Parent Company The TravelWorld House,welcome you to Greece, the cradle of the civilization , the birthplace of the Olympic games , the country of Socrates, of Aristotle, of Themistocles, of Pericles, of Leonidas, of Alexander the Great and dozens of other great personalities that with their action made Greece famous worldwide.


Some of the civilizations that flourished in this beautiful country for thousands of years, are the Mycenaean civilization, the Minoan civilization, the Cycladic civilization. Civilizations that left their footprints until today and make us proud for our ancestors.


Let us guide you to discover the history and astonishing beauty of Greece, from the mainland, home of the Acropolis, to the enchanting scattered islands where you can embrace the tradition and the culture of Greece.



“TheTravelWorld House” arranges sightseeing tours in more than 100 destinations around Greece. Our Travel agency is widely recognized as Greece’s leader in private sightseeing tours, in private transfers (Ports - Airports all over Greece) , and in Island hopping packages to the Greek islands.



In our website you can find dozens of private tours in all regions of Greece. Our experienced team following a study in cooperation with professionals - licensed tour guides from all over Greece, created the following quality – affordable private tours.


We are at your disposal for any tailor made private tour in Greece.